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Low Light/No Light Carbine

Low Light/No Light Carbine

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LOW LIGHT/ NO LIGHT CARBINE Class is for the experienced shooter who already has a solid understanding of shooting fundamentals and is ready to take the next step in their education. It will introduce students to shooting in Low Light / No Light environments. This class is 8 hours and is not a NRA course of instruction.

You will need a minimum of 500 rounds for your Carbine. You will need to bring safety glasses (Clear type for night class) and hearing protection. Electronic hearing protection is preferred so you can hear range commands. This course will be held entirely on an outdoor range, rain or shine, so please bring weather appropriate gear.

PRE-REQUISITE: Finest Hour LLC Carbine B.A.S.E & Carbine Applications or equivalent from reputable trainer.


- Low Light/No Light Theory Explained in Depth

- Light Usage and Discipline

- Weapon Mounted Flashlight Selection

- Low Light/No Light Reloads and Malfunctions

- Multiple targets, Transitions and Barricades at night

- Shooting while moving at night


- AR style carbine in 223/556, 308, 300blk

- Sling for your rifle

- 3 Magazines (5 recommended)

- Holster for 1-2 magazines

- 500 rounds of ammunition

- Weapon Mounted Light (WML)

- Spare batteries for light

- Cleaning kit and lubricant

- Safety glasses and hearing protection

- IFAK/ Individual First Aid Kit is highly recommended

- Seasonally appropriate clothing and rain gear

- Sunscreen and insect repellent


 Students must be a current United States citizen and meets one of the three following:

- Possess a current CPL license

- Is an active duty Military or active full time Law Enforcement Officer

- The student meets the criteria for CPL in the State of Michigan and provides a letter of recommendation from their local Law Enforcement Agency attesting the student’s good standing as a law abiding citizen.


Course Tuition: $200.00

(Lunch is not included)

Range Fee: Included

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